Izmir – a metropolitan city in the western extremity of Anatolia, in Aegean Region and the third most populous city in Turkey after Istanbul and Ankara. According to the last population census, Izmir had a population of 2.847.691, while Izmir Province had a total of 4.113.072. The city of Izmir grouped together initially nine, and more recently eleven, metropolitan districts: Bal├žova, Bayrakli, Bornova, Buca, Cigli, Gaziemir, G├╝zelbah├že, Karabaglar, Karsiyaka, Konak, Narlidere and many interesting quarters: Alsancak, Basmane, Kadifekale etc…

Izmir project 2015



ÔÇťIzmir: A Legacy for TomorrowÔÇŁ exhibition-project document todayÔÇÖs Izmir from the perspectives of 18 artists photographers and will become a legacy and a commiseration of the history of Izmir for future generations

The photography exhibition-project ÔÇťIzmir: A Legacy for TomorrowÔÇŁ aims to document and leave behind for generations to come the present of Izmir through the lenses of photography artists from Turkey and abroad.

As a legacy to future generations, Izmir in 2015 has been immortalized in its present state from the perspective of camera lenses in shots taken by 18 artists. The photographers from their individual perspectives reflected the beautiful sights from Izmir in their pictures as locales to be seen and remembered.

Cities, as centers of living together, are also entrusted to us from the previous generation and which we will entrust to the next generation, in addition to their function of being living spaces. Physical, social and cultural changes that cities experience over time in different historical periods, the traditional texture, the newly developed identity are most importantly found in city photographs. Taking this as a starting point, the exhibition was prepared in collaboration between Arkas Art Center and IFOD (Izmir Art of Photography Association) to pass on the Izmir of 2015.

The focus was the specifics of Izmir that distinguished it from other cities, adding value to the city. The architecture of the city, its nature, people, business and residential districts, which give clues to the social and cultural life of the city, have all been immortalized through a selection of photographs made over a year. The artists used their lenses to show the memorable beauties of the various districts and neighborhoods of the city, Basmane, Bergama, Bornova, Karsiyaka, Kordon, ├ľdemis, Sel├žuk, Urla, using the universal language of photography.

18 artists from 10 countries:

Argentina – Nicol├ís M. J. Berlingieri, Spain – Gabriel Brau Gelabert, Italy – Virgilio Bardossi, Valter Bernardeschi, Giulio Veggi, Mario Cioni, Canada – Fran├žois Nadeau, Hungary – Istv├ín Kerekes, Pakistan – Muhammad Jahangir Khan, Poland – Wojtek Laski, Thailand – Dow Wasiksiri, Turkey – Atilla ├ľzdemir, Beyhan ├ľzdemir, Murat Germen, Nilg├╝n ├ľzdemir, Selim Bonfil, Yusuf Tuvi, Ukraine – Alexander Kharvat

source from: www.arkassanatmerkezi.com and www.arkasnews.com

Arkas Sanat Merkezi / Arkas Art Center – 2015.10.26 – Izmir / Turkey

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the Izmir Project was sponsored by ARKAS Holding